Over 1,000 Grocery Packs Handed Out, More to Go!



RAMU “Umma” never quit providing Muslims in need with free grocery packs. Among the receivers are elderly people, large families, those who lost their jobs in the face of pandemic shutdown, people in need and people with disabilities. Overall, over 1,000 grocery packs were handed out in different cities of Ukraine!

In recent days, such packs were delivered by volunteers from Dnipro, Kharkiv and Lviv Islamic Cultural Centres. In Dnipro, they packed and delivered 50 bundles, each containing tea, cookies, oil, flour, sugar, pasta, rice and meat.

Besides, Dnipro ICC continues cooperation with Turkish diaspora. Lokum Catering employees keep cooking regular meals for several dozen people from the list provided by the ICC, and the Centre’s volunteers do the delivery. As of today, the delivery became even faster, as bikers from the local Bandidos MC Club joined the effort. The benefit is to last till the quarantine is over.

Meanwhile, Lviv ICC volunteers packed and delivered several dozen grocery packs each containing sunflower oil, pasta, rice, sugar, cookies, napkins and soap.

In Kharkiv, the volunteers have packed and delivered 120 grocery packs, while they are already packing another lot to be distributed on the threshold of Ramadan. If you want to join this cause, please wire any sum you feel comfortable to a PrivatBank account No 4149 4996 4090 1813 (UAH, Imam Yevhen Hlushchenko).