Members of the Ukrainian Center for Fatwa and Research discussed possible solutions to some religious issues during war



On 27 March the online meeting of the Ukrainian Center for Fatwa and Research was held, according to the website of the Religious Administration “Umma”. In the discussion of urgent questions, imams from Kyiv, Lviv, Chernivtsi and Dnipro gathered together. Sharia experts gathered to discuss the organizational questions of Ramadan, as well as to discuss the specifics of other theological issues during the war due to the large number of  internally displaced people and the destruction of the daily life of many Muslims. 

Following the meeting, the Ukrainian Center for Fatwas and Research decided:

1. Month of Ramadan will start after sunset (magrib) April 1st, so the first day of fast will be April 2nd. The last day of fasting will be May 1st 2022. The celebration of Eid Al-Fitr (Qurban-Bairam) is on May 2nd. 

2. Zakat Al-Fitr (sadaqa al-fitr) this year is 150 UAH from each member of the family, but if you want and have the opportunity, you may give more to support our brothers and sisters in this difficult time. 

3. Due to the military situation and the possible curfew for security purposes, collective tarawih prayers are not going to be held in mosques. Muslims may stay home.

4. Zakat (nisab) this year will be paid starting from the amount equivalent to 4780 US dollars. 

Also during the meeting the question of fasting and possible reduction of obligatory prayers for settlers was mentioned.