Reception at the Indonesian Embassy: a Review and Plans For Further Cooperation



On 12 March, a delegation from RAMU “Umma” attended the Reception hosted by Indonesian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Dr.Yuddy Chrisnandi. Mufti Said Ismagilov and Head of Board Oleh Guzik spoke about their recent business trip to Indonesia, delivered a book sent to His Excellency by the receiving party, and discussed the possibilities of further cooperation.

Sheikh Said told how they met the deputies from Majelis Ulama Indonesia and had a conversation on possible fields of cooperation. In particular, they offered to promote an opportunity for Ukrainian students to come and study in Indonesia for free, with even the ticket and living cost covered by a stipend. The Mufti also mentioned their visit to Muhammadiyah University and their meeting with its president.

The Ukrainians also visited the Muhammadiyah Organisation, a long-lasting partner of RAMU “Umma”. They invited their Indonesian brothers and sisters in faith to send another delegation to Ukraine, so they could study the activities of Ukrainian Muslim communities. Prospects of religious education of Ukrainian students in Indonesia was another field of cooperation, with the Indonesian party even offering to cover the tickets and living cost. Said Ismagilov said that would be a “great help”, for only a few Ukrainian Muslims can afford to study abroad at their own expense.

Another promising field of cooperation is halal industry, which is on the rise in Ukraine and is a powerful industry in Indonesia.

His Excellency offered to arrange another visit to Indonesia for RAMU “Umma” delegates, so that they could learn the peculiarities of teaching at Indonesian schools and Universities in closer detail. The offer was obviously well thought of, for Prof.Chrisnandi offered a detailed agenda for the trip in question.

Sheikh Said thanked Prof.Chrisnandi for promoting relations between Ukrainian and Indonesian Muslims. He stressed that Indonesia, a predominately Muslim country with a high level of social cohesion and tolerance, is a great role model for other countries.

In conclusion, the parties exchanged memorable gifts.