First new mosque opening in Donbas since the beginning of the war



These weekends Severodonetsk Muslim community was given the opportunity to celebrate a big day. After nearly three years of restoration, finishing and furnishing, the mosque and Bismillya Islamic Cultural Centre have been finally opened in the heart of Luhansk region.

The city's Muslim community was one of ten communities that officially registered the Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine "Ummah". Of course, such an event attracted the attention of not only Luhansk Muslims, but also coreligionists from other towns, and the local community.

During the mosque grand opening, Imam Timur Beridze thanked everyone, who assisted in the building works, donated money and supported Severodonetsk Muslims in their quest to have their own spiritual home.

During his welcome speech, Said Ismagilov, the RAMU Ummah Mufti, noted that the imam's efforts and great teamwork of the local community made this big day possible. Sheikh Said presented the painting of the Holy Qur'an’s ayats as a gift to the mosque.

Kateryna Bezhynska, Deputy Head of Luhansk Regional State Administration, Athanasius, Head of UOC Lugansk episcopacy, local activists, as well as guests from other cities and even representatives of charitable foundations from Turkey were present at the opening. They congratulated Severodonetsk Muslims, expressing their willingness to cooperate and hope for further development of Muslim life not only in the city, but in general, in the Luhansk region and in the eastern part of the country. As is usually the case, the imam and the new mosque were presented with gifts.

After cutting the ribbon, Timur Beridze made a tour, showing a new men's prayer hall. There will also be a women's prayer hall, studying classes and a small Iftar room. Furthermore, the imam said the community already had a plan on how to vary the mosque's activities and equip other necessary premises.

The festivities culminated in the joint prayer and the sharing of meal.