Odesa: RAMU “Umma” awarded medals to Crimean Tatars for their service to Islam and Ukraine



On December 5, shortly before Ukraine's Army Day, Al-Masar Islamic Cultural Centre held the event to award Ukrainian Muslim soldiers, the Crimean Tatars, with the RAMU "Umma" medals “For serving to Islam and Ukraine”.

On behalf of RAMU Umma’s Mufti, Sheikh Bilal Hamza, Odesa ICC head, awarded Muslim soldiers defending Ukraine and its integrity. He began the ceremony by reciting Sura Al-Fatihah and the dua prayer. He greeted those present and wished defeating the aggressor as soon as possible, deoccupation of Ukrainian territories and coming back to Crimean homeland.

Sheikh Bilal emphasized that devotion and love to the country, readiness to defend the country to the last, home, and family are very important for a Muslim. Sheikh also reminded that the person who died defending his/her native land is a shahid, and that such a sacrificial love means a sincere faith, which the Almighty will reward for.

The participants of the event sang Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar anthems, prayed and observed a minute of silence in memory of those killed in Donbas.

Representatives of the Military-Patriotic Association of Crimean Tatar Veterans Qırım Ğazi and the Ukrainian Muslims' Military Chaplains also were among those present and took the floor.