Remembering Victims of Holodomor and Feeding the Hungry



On 23 November, Imams and members of RAMU “Umma” communities honoured the memory of Holodomor (artificial famine of 1932-33) victims. Mufti Said Ismagilov, in particular, was a part of a remembrance event at the National Museum of Holodomor Genocide, in Kyiv. Imams Murat Suleimanov (of Lviv) and Yevhen Hlushchenko (of Kharkiv) also participated in official commemorations in their cities.

Ukrainian Muslims Military Chaplains called upon the believers to take part in a national flashmob “Light a Memorial Candle”.

Zaporizhzhia Muslims, on their part, marked the occasion with a very symbolic benefit called “Hot meals for the Homeless”. They fed people who, unfortunately, is quite familiar with hunger.