Zaporizhzhia ICC Represented at Ukraine’s Eastern Region Prayer Breakfast



On 12 December, about 200 representatives of Zaporizhzhia’s various religious communities gathered at Volodymyr Mahar Theatre in order to celebrate another Ukraine's Eastern Region Prayer Breakfast. Besides delegates from other religious organisations (with the local ICC “Vira” Imam, Sheikh Muhammad Mamutov, and Director Mr.Hamza Isa representing Muslims), there were volunteers and military personnel, MPs, local deputies and officials, professionals from education and science. Businessman, Media executives, as well as public figures and artists.

Every participant prayed according to their religious tradition. Mr.Isa and Sheikh Muhammad, for instance, made dua. People were praying for peace, four Ukrainian military troopers and border guards, for deoccupation of occupied regions, for God’s blessing for Ukraine, as well as for families and orphans.

Every prayer must be supplemented by deeds, so the charity is an integral part of such events. According to the organizers, last time they had managed to raise funds for a lung disinfector, which is crucial for kids with tuberculosis, while this time they were raising funds to buy computers for orphans adopted by large families.