Grocery Packs for the Poor from Zaporizhzhia ICC



Zaporizhzhia Muslims wanted to mark the ongoing month of Prophet Muhammad’s (peace and blessings be upon him) birth with some good cause. So even before the Rabbi al-Awwal began, they made up their minds that it would be helping the poor with grocery packs.

The initiative later developed in two different projects. The first one, implemented by Women’s Social Organisation “Safya” resumed the “Hot Meals for the Homeless” benefit,  while the men, headed by Imam, decided to help the needy families of the community by presenting them with grocery packs. Each pack contained rice, lentils, sugar, buckwheat, pasta, preserved green peas and corn, sunflower oil, cabbage, halal meat, and a sack of potatoes (large families received 2 sacks of potatoes).

The initiative was meant to decrease the poor people’s everyday spending, which is even more crucial in winter, when the utility bills cost more due to heating costs and increased electricity consumption.